Hollywood Quality Video

We create cutting edge videos; ranging from simple but effective text based audio narratives to Hollywood quality sales stories. And everything in between.

And the Best Part is...

We Create These Hollywood Quality Videos at a very moderate cost.

Video Search Placement

To grab consumers' ever wondering attention... top Search Engine placement (or SEO) is crucial..

Well placed Video thumbnails shown in the search results page is a privilege very few get the right to have. Our cutting edge technology can ensure that 'you' are one of the privileged few who does get a coveted top position in Google.

Powerful Communication

Consumers will NEVER stop consuming information - and more and more 'we consumers' are demanding that... that information be in the form of a Video.

Those that offer wanted information in video format are greatly rewarded too; with a 'Top Position' in Google and other search engines, but most importantly with higher sales and better brand recognition.

Hollywood Quality Videos For Your Business... at a very moderate cost.

(So Moderate In Fact... That Even Small Mom & Pop Businesses Can Now Profit From Hollywood Quality Videos)

We've taken Hollywood quality video production to an entire new level... allowing businesses of any size (small, medium or large) to profit from the high impact nature of professionaly done high quailty video and audio.


Video Engages The Senses Like No Other Medium

Video Engages The Senses...
Like No Other Medium Can

Why do Internet Commercials Work So Well? because visually stimulating mini-movies attract the attention of the product, service or information seeker much better than plain static text does.

Internet Commercials' (Video) supplies the information that nearly every web searcher wants - passive, 'quick to the point' information that engages all their senses.

We all lead busy lives... and with video our insatiable need for information gets satisfied in a way that no other medium can provide. Engaging Visual Stimulus (Moving Pictures - Video, Sound) can compell, entice and motivate even the hardest consumers.

So when you're ready to take your business (small, medium or large) to the next level... give us a shout and we'll help you compell, entice, motivate and wow your customers like never before... Click here to contact us now.

Quality Video Production

We create cutting edge videos; ranging from simple but effective text based audio narratives to Hollywood quality sales stories. Complete with professional voice over and Hollywood Quality Sound.

But best of all... you can get it all for a very moderate cost.

A Smart Investment

A well placed video is available to potential customers 24/7/265. Newspaper, TV or radio ads are dead soon after they air.

A video on your website or placed in the search engines can sell, position and brand you, your company and its products and services day-in and day-out. All year long.

Video Branding

Your brand matters...

...And video is one of the most effective method of getting your unique brand message to individuals and the masses effectively; creating that powerful brand awareness that every business desires.

Effective Communication

Nothing Communicates better than a well designed video or as we affectionately like to call them... 'moving sales stories'.

'Moving' because they not only move the sales message along, but because they move people emotionally forward through your buying cycle.

Responsive Design

It's not enough to just to put up a web site. It must include the right psychological triggers to compel your visitors to act now and move forward along your sales cycle.

Video is one of those compelling psychological triggers.

Mobile friendly

Today, with the ever growing popularity of Internet ready mobile phones and devices, videos and websites need to adhere to mobile friendly standards. Every video we produce adheres to those standards; so your potential customers can view your Internet-Commercial videos on any interment connected device.

High Quality Video

Content is King. Video its Champion.

To get your message to the people, you have to succinctly present winning arguments in a visually appealing form. Video sales stories (Internet commercials) can be your personal or companies champion!


Effective Message

The message communicated matters - and it matters a lot.

A highly effective message strategically presented in a professional Hollywood Quality Style video can make all the difference in the world to you, your business and its bottom line.

  • Infuses Brand Loyalty In the Mind Of The Consumer
  • Creates Compelling Reasons To Act and Buy Now!
  • Drives Tons of Traffic To Your Web Site
  • Compels People To Talk About You, Your Company & Your Brand
  • Prevents Prospects From Visiting Your Competitors Web Site - because you've already satisfied their needs

    Cutting Edge Hollywood Quality Video That Wows Prospects, Hooks Customers and Rattles Your Competitors. Now you can get Hollywood Quality Video Without the Hollywood Price Tag.

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    ABOUT US is a Strategic Marketing Company that specializes in Hollywood Quality Branding/Sales Videos for small, medium and large businesses.

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    We create cutting edge videos; ranging from simple but effective text based audio narratives to Hollywood quality sales stories. All at a very moderate cost.


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    Stu McLaughlin

    Wow! We love the new video. When you said Hollywood style you weren't kidding. We get constantly asked who made it for us... and we always proudly send them your way.

    Ella's Blinds

    As a small business owner we are always looking for ways to get more business - the video you created for us was not only beautiful, it makes us money almost every day! Thank You! Breakthrough Media!

    Phoenix Western

    Top quality stuff guys. We've worked with many designers over the years, but your presentation videos take things to a whole new level! They've helped us land numerous high profit clients. Keep up the good work!

    You were not kidding when you said the new videos would dramatically increase traffic to our website. We've doubled the number of visitors in the last month alone!

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